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Features & Benefits of using High Bay Industrial Lighting

High Bay Factory Lighting
  • Increases usable light levels by at least 100%.
  • Instant on, no re-strike time versus 5-7 minute restrike for HID's.
  • Less than a 7% light loss over the lifetime of the bulb versus 40%+ light loss in the first year with HID's.
  • 15,000 to 20,000 hour lamp service life; 90+% high-efficiency reflectors.

  • Increases productivity while creating a safer work environment.
  • Reduces labour costs - Colour Rendering Index 85+ versus 65 for HID's.
  • Virtually no maintenance costs - Pays for itself quickly.

Other Benefits include:

High Bay Factory Lighting
  • INSTANT-ON: Ideal for use with occupancy sensors. Nothing saves energy like lights out! In the event of a power interruption, lights are back on the instant the power is restored.
  • EMERGENCY LIGHTING: Handle all emergency lighting needs with the High Bay luminaire, eliminating the need for a seconday lighting system.
  • WHITE LIGHT: 85+ CRI versus metal halide's 65 with minimal colour shift. Unlike HID, fluorescent lamps maintain consistent colour throughout their life.
  • SHALLOW FIXTURE DEPTH: Depth of less than 4" allows fixture to be mounted near the ceiling for maximum space utilization and reduces damage incurred from material handling equipment.
  • MAINTENANCE: Virturally maintenance free.